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    How do I earn referrals?
  • You're here because you love reading Lunar and you believe in our mission to help celebrate women's voices in Asia! What about your friends? Share your unique invitation link to invite them to join our community by signing up to the Lunar newsletter. Once your friend has signed up they will count as a successful referral.

  • Why did my referrals not increase?
  • You'll earn referrals for each real friend that signs up. In order for your referral to be counted, your friend’s email must be a real and valid email address. Duplicates, fake email addresses or those that use a disposable mail box will not count towards your referrals.

  • Where do I find my unique link to share?
  • You can find your personal invitation link within the Lunar newsletter sent every Friday. You will also receive an email when your referred friends have signed up to the Lunar newsletter.

  • How do I contact you?
  • For referral related questions contact us at