Unique Features

Here's How Gather can Save you Time Building your List and Drive your Sales

Email Opt-ins

Boost Subscribers with Email Exit Intent Popups

Set popups to display when customers appears to want to leave your site.

Automated Coupon Delivery within Popups

Give your customer their coupon whilst they are on the same page.

This helps them make a purchase decision sooner than later.

Option for Unique Discount Code Distribution, one per Customer.

There are a number of websites that list available coupon codes to be used. If you want your code to become exclusive to those nice customers who sign up, then we have the answer for you!

Prevent coupons being shared on coupon websites by using unique coupon codes.

Email Validations

Automatically checks for emails that have been previously entered through the popup, and prompts the customer that they have already signed up if they signup more than once.

This prevents wasted coupon codes.

Popup Display Rules

Define when a popup should appear, for example this could be based on the page on which a customer should be, or the if they have items in their cart!

Automatically Sync your Signup Data

If you run a Shopify store, Gather can automatically syncs the signups to Shopify. This then means your Shopify integrated email marketing app, like Mailchimp or Klaviyo, would also be in sync.

Get Insightful Data About Your Signups

Gather records data on:

The customer’s country,

The page on which a customer saw the popup and

The discount code the customer received.

Export Data for Further Analysis

One click export your emails to a CSV file.

Metrics Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse with data on:

Number of signups for a date range

Number of overall signups for campaign

Most importantly:

An indication of the amount of money you have made from your signups!

Automatically Send Coupon Codes via Email

Gather Gives you the Option to Send Coupon Codes to your customers.

This is useful especially when a customer forgets the code or does not copy it when they first receive it in the popup.

Customize your Popup Look and Feel

Simply select a theme with presents,

Then customize the look and feel of your popup.

Or design your own popup elsewhere and upload the image to Gather!

Customize Popup Behavior

You can experiment with:

Changing if a popup should appear on Exit Intent and/or after a time period.

Changing Exit Intent sensitivities.

Changing time before a popup appears.

Defining when a customer should see a popup again.

Referral Programs

Multiple Referral Campaign Types

Choose if you wish your customers to receive:

- The same coupon code value as their friends.

- Different coupon code values to their friends.

- Only your customers' friends should receive a coupon code (great for competitions)

Referrals with Email

Automatically send emails to your customers' friends with the referral offer.

Automatically deliver coupon codes when your customers' friends accept an offer.

Referrals with Social Media

Leverage the power of Facebook by allowing your customers to use Facebook & Messenger to refer their friends.

Customer to friend personal messages

Help increase the chances of successful referrals by allowing your customers to deliver personalized messages to their friends.

Gmail Contacts Integration

Boost the chances of a customer referring many friends by giving them the option to 'click & send' from a list of their Gmail contacts.

Automated Referrals Management

Know who has referred who, and identify any super star referrers!

Referral Metrics Dashboard

Understand how your campaign is performing and identify any opportunities for improvement.

Customer Retargeting via email

Automatically send a retargeting reminder email to a customer who had expressed interest in referring a friend, but hasn't quite completed the process.


Referral Fraud Detection

Disallow referrals that may look suspect.

With Fraud Detection, you have the option to also approve certain referral attempts, if you wish.